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Auschwitz Escape

The Klara Wizel Story

The Klara Wizel Story is an award winning one hour documentary presenting the powerful story of sixteen year old Hungarian Jew, Klara Wizel, and her fight to escape from the most notorious doctor of the twentieth century, Dr. Josef Mengele. Shot in HD Actor/ Director Danny Naten (What Doesn’t Kill You), Klara Wizel, and Actor/Narrator RD Call (Into the Wild) take us on Klara's journey that begins when Hitler takes power. Presented in a Ken Burns style documentary format. Eighty three year old Klara Wizel and Narrator RD Call take the audience through world events.  We follow Dr. Josef Mengele’s rise up through the Nazi party where Klara and Mengele meet at the height of his power at Auschwitz-Birkenau.  

After murdering her family we see Klara’s brilliant escape Dr. Josef Mengele’s selection process and Auschwitz-Birkenau.  Alone, her journey continues through war torn Europe as we see Klara struggle to get back to what is left of her family and home. The Klara Wizel Story recently received the Alan J. Bailey Award of Excellence in Social Commentary from Alan J. Bailey Senior Executive at Paramount Studios.  

And The Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary at the Cinema City International Film Festival presented in the Presidential Ballroom at the Century Plaza Hotel by Suzanne DeLaurentiis.

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